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Working towards more sustainable solutions for marine propulsion

Marine Propulsion Services we offer


Providing marine businesses with in-depth, bespoke information to allow them to make informed decisions on marine/hybrid technology.

Present technology status overview, Marine Business requiring knowledge of electric, to further sales possibilities, UK 

Project Management

Assisting in designing and or building prototypes for boat builders to enable them to understand and integrate their chosen system.

Inland cruise boat conversion, UK

Electric rescue boat, UK

Feasibility Studies

A full presentation to the customer outlining an initial concept/project to understand costs / requirements.

Inland cruise operator, UK

System Commissioning

Jamie continues to use his technical abilities and experience to carry out product commissioning, in doing
so this enables him to understand the current market products – benefiting all parties and furthering his knowledge of products for the present and future.

111Ft hybrid yacht 180kwh battery / 100kw drive / 50kw generation - UK

44ft day sailer with regeneneration - NL

100% Electric Whale watching catamaran - DE


Jamie has presented to numerous marine organisation conferences with a subject base relating to electric and hybrid. Q and A’s have followed each discussion, Jamie is confident in his ability to any number of people, at any level.

Marine engine distributor,Market overview and technology presentation, UK

Marine engine distributor, Market overview and technology presentation, Aus

Feedback :- I just wanted to say how thoroughly impressed I was with the information and detail you provided over the last few days.
You have provided a superb insight (with detail when we asked) to the markets that we are looking into. We came away with exactly what we wanted..just superb!

BMEEA conference,'The challenges of embracing electric and hybrid', UK

University of Southampton, UK

informed . dynamic . passionate

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